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Dairy Farm 2.0

Bring Your Farm To The Next Level

Dairy Farm 2.0 is a web-based management system that will allow you to manage and optimize your whole dairy farm through an easy-to-use application. Dairy Farm 2.0 is the best application for managing your farm with cow buy and sell monitor, daily feed chart, cow vaccines, daily routine management and issues reporting, pregnancy management with auto calculation, cow grow monitor, cow health status, farm employee management, cow-calf management, etc. It will help you to control the whole dairy farm cycle easily, being all ready-available in your hand at a glance.

Money Manager

Manage Cashflow And Budget Easily

Money Manager is a web-based money management system. It allows you to easily and efficiently track income and expenses. Thanks to this application you can plan your monthly budget with the budget planner and achieve your goals with the goal tracker. Rich reports will allow you to keep everything under control – income, expenses, goals, and account transactions – and compare your income vs expenses easily.

Features include Income Tracking, Expense Tracking, Budget Management, Accounts Management, Rich Reports, Goal Tracking, and Scenarios Tracking with Upcoming Income and Expenses.

Stock Manager

Advanced Inventory Management System

Stock Manager is a complete web-based inventory management system that will allow you to manage any kind of inventory and optimize any related process. It also includes a great POS system and beautiful invoice design, so it can easily become the only solution you need to manage your stocks in all their phases.

Features include POS System with Discount and Tax Options, Import Products by CSV, Print Barcodes, Export Items as PDF or Excel, Manage Returns, and Rich Reports.

Homing Pigeon

Instant Messaging Web Application

Homing Pigeon is a web-based instant messaging system. It allows you to quickly send text and voice messages, photos, and files and share your location with other users in your contact list.

This application can certainly improve communication channels within any company or organization. If installed on a local server, it will also guarantee the privacy and security of the exchanged data which often is not guaranteed with third parties applications.

Digital Restaurant

Contactless Ordering & Billing App

Digital Restaurant is a simple, yet powerful, web-based ordering application. It is secure, fast, and user-friendly and it contains an entire restaurant ordering and billing system.

It will reduce the burden of receiving orders from customers as well as the cost and time associated. By using Digital Restaurant customers must just scan a QR Code (which may be placed on your tables) and can make an order instantly. You can track and manage customer orders and your customer can track them as well.

Customers can then pay directly through the app using a payment gateway of their choice or pay offline.

The app can also be used by takeaway businesses.

Project Manager

Advanced Project Management System

Project Manager is probably one of the most complete and advanced web applications for project management. It includes all the business tools you may need to effectively and efficiently manage your projects. Not only a Project Management dashboard then, but also CRM, Video Meetings, Tasks Management, Leads, Invoices, Estimates, Team Management, Time Tracking, Leaves, Expenses, Chat, and a wide range of Reports.

Project Manager is definitely a well-built, robust, and extremely light web application that can fulfill all the CRM, Project Management, and Team Collaboration needs in your company or organization. It will allow you to save time and money by managing projects, tasks, leads, clients, and teams in one place.

Micro Delivery

Micro Transportation & Delivery System

Micro Delivery is an extremely user-friendly delivery and transportation system made of a web platform for the admin, an Android app for clients, and an Android app for drivers. It allows everyone to smoothly run his own transportation business and delivery service. There is no need to have many vehicles and a large team. You can scale with time.

GPS tracking enabled, this application is made for those who want to provide their own convenient and practical version of transportation services. Thanks to this app you will be able to offer your customers a range of smart features with an order management system that is simple, intuitive, and effective – choose a transportation service, choose a pickup location, choose a destination, and automatically calculate the price by distance.

Pick up passengers by car or motorcycle, send goods by cargo, order and deliver food from restaurants, the possibilities are endless. 

Courier Manager

Advanced Courier & Parcel Delivery System

Courier Manager is a complete and robust courier and parcel delivery web-based application. It’s developed for those companies that want to run a courier and parcel delivery business in a more structured way, with respect to our Micro Transportation & Delivery System. Courier Manager is a simple but powerful delivery system with many features.

Courier Manager can handle unlimited clients, drivers, parcels, and staff and can track deliveries online when integrated with GPS tracking systems.

Moreover, Courier Manager is a fully scalable application that can be integrated with internal or external systems through API.